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Canterbury Campus Ministry at Grambling State University, Louisiana

Canterbury Associations are student Organizations sponsored by Episcopal churches or campus ministries at colleges and Universities throughout the United States. Membership is open to all interested Students.

"...we address issues that have been the concern of Canterbury Associations, in a more practical way."

Here at St. Luke's Chapel, The Episcopal Ministry at Grambling State University, we address issues that have been the concern of Canterbury Associations, in a more practical way. Such issues as career and vocational choices - what God is calling you to do; faith and development - how the church helps you to deepen your understanding of God and the good news about Jesus Christ; Spirituality and worship - how the church helps you in your response to God's love in prayer and in corporate life of your local Christian Community; ethics and daily living - learning to discern right from wrong, good from evil especially in relationships with your family, friends, neighbors colleagues and fellow citizens; Community building - not only to build relationships, but also to appreciate those things that would attract you to stay and develop Grambling and witness - how the church as a social institution responds to social issues like AIDS, abortion, homelessness, poverty, racism, violence, war, etc. are some of the issues addressed in our meetings.

Please come and join us and share your experience every Sunday at 4 p.m. Here at the Episcopal Ministry at GSU we try to maintain a sense of intellectual openness, scholarship, beauty in worship and active social involvement. We welcome and respect those with doubts or questions. We try to suggest practical and understandable ways for those who want to explore their personal faith or the church's teachings or their Christian witness in the world more deeply. Besides, we listen, support and encourage those who are struggling with issues in their lives. Come and be part of this St. Luke's Community.

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